Relocation Appraisal (ERC)

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When you’re relocating, you not only want to know the current market value of your home – you also need to know how much it will likely sell for in the next 90 to 120 days. Known as a Relocation Appraisal, these numbers will help you relocate with one less thing to worry about. Our appraisers are trained in the subtle complexities that are unique to Relocation Appraisals, allowing us to forecast a likely sale price given the dynamics of the market at the time of the relocation. We’ll also consider recent closed sales, competing listings and current pending sales. We’ll then complete the industry standard Employee Relocation Appraisal Report form. Whether you’re being relocated or you’re a relocation services company in need of a local appraiser, we can complete this complex appraisal process smoothly and with our proven level of expertise and service.

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